Grand Victoria Cruises offers a unique and adventurous experience to guests seeking to explore the waterways of Burgundy. With a focus on luxury, comfort, and style, we provide an exceptional journey that encompasses everything Burgundy has to offer wine and golf cuisine, history, and art.


Our commitment to our customer comfort extends beyond the gangway. Our team personally leads tours around Burgundy, ensuring a personalized and immersive experience for each guest. Our all-inclusive itineraries allow customers to fully embrace the adventure without worrying about the details. We even cover lunch expenses in Beaune and Dijon so that customers can indulge in the local cuisine worry-free.

Luxury Burgundy Wine Cruise

Luxury Burgundy Wine Cruise lies not only in the luxurious setting but also in the bonds it creates. Gather a few friends or bring your family along for the adventure of a lifetime. The Grand Victoria ensures that your journey leaves a lasting impact, fostering authentic experiences, forging profound relationships, and facilitating cultural immersion.

One of the highlights of this unique journey is the exclusive and unforgettable interactions with the locals. As you meander through the charming French towns and villages, you’ll find life as you know it fading into the background, replaced by the warmth and authenticity of the people you encounter.

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